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Promoting the progress of the albanian-american community of Illinois​

We are a nonprofit organization aimed at uniting and strengthening the Albanian-American community In Illinois.
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Our Mission: Empowering and Strengthening the Albanian-American Community in Illinois

The Albanian-American Community of Illinois is a non-profit organization located in Chicago, IL that works to preserve and promote Albanian culture, traditions, and history through various initiatives and social events.
Cultural Preservation
Community Engagement
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Cultural Heritage
We strive to preserve and celebrate the cultural traditions of Albanian Americans in Illinois in various activities throughout the year. 

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Events and Networking
We host numerous events that bring together members of the community via networking events, speaking engagements and more. 

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Community Resources
We provide community resources including links to various organizations dedicated to helping the community.

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Business Directory
Looking for Albanian-American owned businesses in Illinois? Check out our business directory to find diverse businesses, services, and professionals.
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Employment Resources
Looking for employment opportunities in the Albanian American community or in general? Visit our employment resources page to find job postings, resource links, and more.
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Who Are Albanians?

Albanians are an ethnic group that trace their origins to the ancient Illyrian tribes of Southeastern Europe. They are mostly concentrated in Albania and Kosovo, but there are over millions of Albanians spread throughout Europe and North America. In addition, there is a large diaspora of Albanians living in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States.
Albanians speak the Albanian language, which is an Indo-European language that occupies its own branch in the Indo-European family tree. It is believed to have descended from Illyrian, a group of Indo-European languages spoken in the Western Balkans. Standard Albanian (based on the Tosk dialect) is the official language of Albania, where it is spoken by 2.9 million people. Northern dialects are also spoken in Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.
Many well-known Albanian Americans have made significant contributions to various fields. Some of the most prominent Albanian Americans include the Belushi brothers, Jim and John, both successful actors and comedians with roots in the Albanian community, and Eliza Dushku, an actress, and producer known for her roles in television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse. Other notable Albanian Americans include Ariana Kukors, an Olympic swimmer and world record holder, and Tony Dovolani, a professional ballroom dancer who appeared on ABC's Dancing With the Stars. These individuals and many others have played important roles in shaping American culture and society while also celebrating and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Albania, Kosovo, and other Albanian regions and the Albanian people.
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Upcoming Community Events

Learn About Upcoming Events and Community Gatherings.
September 23, 2023
2322 N Kenmore Avenue Chicago, IL 60614, USA
Mother Teresa's Revolution of Tenderness
AACA End of the Year Gala 2023
May 13th, 2023
DePaul University - Cortelyou Commons 2324 North Fremont Street Chicago, IL 60614
AACA End of the Year Gala 2023

Our Blog

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Bjondi Dervishi
Remarkable Albanians Who Shaped the World | Part 2
In the first part of this series, we explored the achievements of some exceptional Albanians who have made significant contributions to the world. In this follow-up blog post, we will delve into the lives of five more outstanding individuals of Albanian origin who have left their mark in various fields.
Bjondi Dervishi
Remarkable Albanians Who Shaped the World | Part 1
Albanians might be from small countries such as Albania, Kosovo, or North Macedonia, but these places have produced some remarkable individuals who have made significant contributions to the world. In this blog post, we will explore a few of these exceptional individuals and their contributions to various fields.
Bjondi Dervishi
Understanding the Power of Unity and Leadership with the Story of Skanderbeg, a National Hero of Albania
Discover how this national hero was able to unite an entire nation in an unlikely effort, as well as his victories against the formidable Ottoman army.

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AACI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, working towards preserving and promoting Albanian culture and heritage in Illinois.
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