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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to support the cultural, educational and social advancement of the Albanian American population of Illinois through initiatives that foster growth and understanding amongst our community.

Our vision for the AACI is to create an inclusive community that celebrates diversity, creates opportunities for growth, and works towards a brighter future. We dream of a strong, unified Albanian American population that is respected, empowered, and connected through shared cultural experiences.

We strive to build meaningful connections between members of our community that will promote positivity, unity, and prosperity. Together, we can create a brighter future for our community and generations to come.
Community Development
We strive to create a strong, vibrant Albanian American community in Illinois. We focus on developing programs, events and initiatives that support our community. 
Preserving our Heritage
We work towards promoting culture, heritage, education and other initiatives to help bolster the success of Albanian Americans in Illinois.

Civic Engagement
We work towards facilitating civic engagement opportunities that promote a better understanding of Albanian culture and values.

Board Members

Our board members are a dedicated and passionate group of individuals who are committed to working together to make AACI a better organization for all.
Erlin Tego
President | Albania
Genc Arifi
Secretary | Kosovo
Bujar Bekteshi
Board Member | Presheva Valley
Edon Shaqiri
Board Member | Presheva Valley
Ergys Dino
Board Member | Cameria
Bjondi Dervishi
Board Member | North Macedonia
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AACI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, working towards preserving and promoting Albanian culture and heritage in Illinois.
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